As 2014 wraps up, I thought it would be nice to document how the year was for me, figure out how far I got in accomplishing the goals I set out for myself last year, and what my general plans are for the year to come.

Last year’s resolutions

  • Get Fit. [FAILED]
  • Earn more money. [PASSED]

So I’m halfway there! As always, lazyness got the better of me and I did not spend time doing any sort of exercise at all. I am determined to change that in 2015 though.

This year was the official start of my professional career as a web applications developer. I started out working on building the product of an up and coming startup, which is slowly making waves in India and recently got a big round of funding. I am now working for another startup in the Enterprise world.

I entertained thoughts of entering a grad school in the US and hence, took the GRE exam. I scored a moderate 317 out of 340, which isn’t bad. I might re-take the test to improve my score in 2015.

Didn’t learn a whole host of new and exciting technologies this year, however. I tinkered around with Ruby, Rails, GoLang etc, but never did anything serious in them. 2014 was quite boring code-wise, with just Python and Javascript being the primary things in my toolkit. Although I did get better in using those tools. My project planning and workflow has considerably improved as well. I also did projects on Google App Engine, dabbled in Docker at work and tried out Emacs + Racket at home.

Apart from work, I also enjoyed this year quite a bit! My social life has improved quite a bit from last year. Didn’t date a whole lot.

###Good books I read this year:

###Places I visited:

  • Bangalore for PyCon India.
  • Rishikesh on a road trip with friends, did Rafting and Trekking.

2015 will be significant. I plan to make some significant changes in my life (not all of which I’ll mention here of course). A major change that I will mention is that I plan to get serious about my health this year.

New Goals for 2015 (in no particular order)

  • Start cycling or running regularly.
  • Read more technical books.
  • Earn more money. (This goal will be in every list I make!)
  • Visit more places inside the country.
  • Visit another country.
  • Learn a new language - Spanish or German.
  • Become competent in another programming language and its ecosystem.
  • Ship more code.
  • Publish more blog posts (including the currently half-baked ones).
  • Move (I can’t do another year of 3+ hrs daily commute).

That’s about it. Lets see how many of those I succeed at.

Happy New Year!